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Issue 64 | 2024

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  • Healthcare Management
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  • Surgical Speciality
  • Diagnostics
  • Technology, Equipment & Devices
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Issue 64



Embracing Innovation

Introducing the eagerly awaited launch of Asian Hospital Healthcare Magazine Issue

Healthcare Management

The process of transition from student to professional nursing practice

As healthcare systems across Asia Pacific APAC start to gather more realworld evidence RWE

Running healthcare service business operations is akin to conducting an orchestra

Medical Sciences

Amidst severe air pollution a concerning surge in respiratory diseases particularly asthmarelated

For of adults worldwide the first symptom or warning of heart disease will be a heart attack or death

Surgical Speciality

Cerebral small vessel disease CSVD comprises clinical neuroimaging and pathological findings involving


Technology, Equipment & Devices

Medical technology essentially consists of devices and information systems that diagnose

Telemedicine has emerged as a crucial tool particularly in remote patient consultations

Telemedicine is a way to deliver healthcare services that leverages new technologies

Information Technology

The integration of Artificial Intelligence AI into the medical industry is arguably one of the most significant advancements in healthcare technology

The last months have seen a dramatic increase in public interest

In the face of inflationary pressure and an unprecedented demand for health services


As populations live longer medical treatments improve and expectations for equitable access to care increase