Canary Medical Developed First-of-its-kind Smart Spine Lumbar Cartridge

Canary Medical has developed the pioneering Canturio® Lumbar Cartridge (Canturio®lc), intended for use with a lumbar interbody system for lumbar spinal fusion procedures spanning from L1 to S1. 

This innovative cartridge is designed to provide objective kinematic data from the implanted device during a patient's postsurgical treatment for symptomatic degenerative disc disease.

The data transmitted will enable remote monitoring of fusion progress and facilitate the early detection of significant clinical issues such as instability, partial fusion, and non-fusion.

Similar to the existing Canturio® Tibial Extension (Canturio®tae), the Canturio®lc is designed to collect various kinematic measurements for at least 10 years, pooling data across the patient population. Clinicians can access this daily functional information to enhance in-office examinations and update patient care plans during the year following surgery.

This development follows recent FDA clearance of the Canturio Smart Extension (Canturio®sae), a 30mm smart tibial stem extension integrated with Zimmer Biomet’s Persona IQ® - The Smart Knee®. 

This shorter tibial stem version will be widely available later in 2024, while the current 58mm Canturio®tae stem remains available for patients needing a longer tibial stem.