Applied Intelligence for Medical Image Analysis

Applied Intelligence for Medical Image Analysis

Pages: 272

Publisher: Apple Academic Press

Year of Publication: 2024

Author(s) : Aarti, Raju Pal, Mukesh Saraswat, Himanshu Mittal

Book Description:

Over the last decades, there has been a revolution in the use of new intelligent technologies to analyze and interpret medical images for diseases diagnosis, assessment ad treatment. This new volume explores the latest cutting-edge research in medical image analysis. The advanced intelligent technologies discussed include machine learning, ensemble methods in machine learning, deep learning methods and firebase technology, infrared thermography, deep convolution neural networks, and more. Some of the specific uses of these technologies include for brain tumor MRIs, for breast cancer screening, for polycystic ovary syndrome classification, for detecting and monitoring Alzheimer’s disease, for monitoring of newborns, for retinal disease diagnosis, for Covid-19 detection, and more.